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At Eyes Defined, we are dedicated to helping our London patients experience their visual world by providing world class ophthalmology care. Our primary focus is performing cataract and eyelid surgery. 

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“Dr. Aziz was a godsend. I was very pleased with my experience. I can be a hard critic at times. I had been recommended by a friend who said this is the doctor I need! The correspondence before the operation was brilliant and this gave me great confidence. He is truly a wonderful doctor and a lovely man. I recommend him to anyone that needs guidance and help. You will not be disappointed. Once again a big thank to you.”

“Dr Ahmad Aziz is a highly skilled and courteous surgeon. He explained the procedure fully so that I was well informed and the results were better than I expected, thank you! I would recommend Dr Ahmad Aziz to my family and friends.”

“Extremely professional approach. Explained everything that was being done and took time to confirm my understanding and made sure that I had asked all the questions I needed to ask.”

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Blepharoplasty is a type of surgery that repairs droopy skin of the eyelids that develops with time. It may involve a reduction excess skin

Eyelid Surgery

The following conditions can be treated: Blepharoplasty, Ptosis (droopy eyelid), Eye brow lift, Entropion, Ectropion, Trichiasis (ingrowing lashes), Eyelid chalazion


Lacrimal (Water Eye)
Watery eye is an overlooked condition that has a significant impact on the quality of life. With thorough assessment the correct surgical option
Cataract Surgery
The Care You Deserve in Central London Having done over 1500 cataract operations, treatment for patients as an Ophthalmologist
Eyelid Surgery & Oculoplastic Surgeon in London

An Oculoplastic Specialist Surgeon in London

London oculoplastic surgeon specialising in eyelid surgery with treatments tailored to the person’s eyelid and their anatomy.

Oculoplastics is the specialist field of plastic surgery dedicated to the area around the eye. Seeing an Oculoplastic surgeon means that you are seeing someone who understands and specialises in this small region which has some of the thinnest skin in the body.

Oculoplastic surgery includes treatments to the skin surrounding the eye whether that be injections to relax the underlying muscle as in the condition of blepharospasm.

Eye Doctor with Care Tailored to You

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