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Eyelid Surgery & Blepharoplasty Before and After in London

Blepharoplsty Before and After

Upper eyelid Xanthelasma

This patient lost confidence due to bilateral upper eyelid Xanthelasma, which are fat deposits inside the skin. She wanted to remove them in a natural way so as not to significantly change her appearance. Below are their results two weeks after the operation.

Upper eyelids were blocking her vision

This patient was worried that her eyes looked too small and her upper eyelids were blocking her vision. As a result, she underwent ptosis surgery where the scar was hidden inside the crease of the skin of the upper eyelid. The result is shown here where you can see that she looks as natural as if she had not undergone surgery at all!

Hooding of the eyelids and excess skin

This patient was suffering from hooding of the eyelids and excess skin, and she wanted a blepharoplasty to remove the excess skin from both upper eyelids. The procedure was performed under local anesthesia, and it yielded excellent results: now she has a skin crease, an area to apply makeup, and her vision is not blocked by excess skin. It has taken 10 years at least.

upper blepharoplasty

This patient wanted bilateral upper blepharoplasty but wanted to be subtle so that people would not notice that her appearance had changed dramatically. She still wanted an area for applying makeup and the results show a very neat lower eyelid and an upper blepharoplasty eyelid with an area for her to apply makeup on the face.

upper blepharoplasty

This patient underwent bilateral upper blepharoplasty because excess skin was blocking her vision. We fixed the skin crease when previously she had a very delicate skin crease and as a result, a more youthful and fresh look!

ptosis, or drooping eyelids

This young patient had ptosis, or drooping eyelids, which was obstructing vision. Concern with young children when they have a drooping eyelid, can lead to lazy eye and permanent loss of vision in that eye. They underwent a repair of a drooping upper eyelid without a scar where there is only one scar in the eyebrow. As a result, their vision was restored, they had better symmetry and mom and dad were indescribably happy!

lower eyelid

This patient was unhappy with her appearance, eye bags on the lower eyelid and excess skin on the upper eyelid. She underwent upper blepharoplasty of both eyes in addition to lower transconjunctival blepharoplasty, where scars are hidden on the inside of the eyelid. The result is a fresher look without eye bags!

This patient shows the results of ptosis surgery as many people are worried about the eyelid hanging when squinting with the eyelid slightly higher when they look down. This is to show that not all patients suffer from this, and while this lady looks down, she has perfect symmetry and both eyelids drop evenly.

Scar inside the skin crease

This patient had already undergone surgery for ptosis of her right eye and was unhappy with the result. I had a reconstructive operation where we hid the scar inside the skin crease. Now she has more symmetry and is happy with the result.

Undergone ptosis surgery

The patient had undergone ptosis surgery on her right eye in the past but was dissatisfied with the results. To address this, she underwent a re-do ptosis surgery. Following the procedure, her right eye no longer drooped, and she was satisfied with the results.

upper eyelid blepharoplasty

This woman was thrilled with the results of her upper eyelid blepharoplasty, which removed the heavy look of her upper eyelids. Initially, she had wanted a brow lift, but the blepharoplasty combined with an internal browpexy procedure was enough to give her the look she desired.

Asian eyelid surgery

Asian eyelid surgery can face challenges in the wrong hands. Here this lady wanted upper blepharoplasty while preserving the crease of the upper eyelid. Excise skin has been removed and crease skin has been repaired to give a well-defined and precise look to the upper eyelids with a well-defined and natural looking crease.

This patient had previously undergone lower eyelid surgery to remove a skin cancer, leaving a thickened area on the lower eyelid and causing the lower eyelid to pull away from the eyeball, a condition known as ectropion. Without undergoing any additional surgery, scar-modulating injections were used to help this patient achieve a more natural-looking lower eyelid, and the ectropion was resolved.

This man had dark circles and a sunken eye look and wanted his eyes to appear brighter and more awake without it seeming like he had filler. Using only small amounts of filler, the desired look was achieved, and the loss of volume that caused his laughter lines and crows feet were also improved.

This is two weeks after a natural-looking upper eyelid blepharoplasty and canthoplasty, which improved the shape of the lower eyelids and reduced the amount of sclera show, or the white of the eye visible above the lower eyelid.

Cheek filler can be effective at rejuvenating the mid face, and restoring the loss of volume whilst looking natural. With minimal downtime it can be done in clinic and give very good results.

The phenylephrine test can be used to determine if you are suitable for overhanging eyelid repair or ptosis without scar. This procedure means that there are no skin incisions and the Muller muscle is shortened from under the surface of the eyelid. It gives good results in many cases although in some patients an imitation of the ‘frontal approach’ with a scar hidden in the crease of the eyelid is required.

This man had a large cyst on his lower eyelid and was offered surgery with a resulting scar to remove it. Instead, by accessing the cyst from the inside of the eyelid, we were able to remove it entirely without leaving any scar on the skin. This is the result after just one week, and the redness usually takes about two weeks to settle.

Ptosis is a drooping eyelid and here the drooping eyelid was blocking the pupil and obstructing vision. With the front approach and the hidden scar in the crease of the eyelid skin a natural result was achieved and this lady was able to see clearly again

Ptosis can sometimes be one-sided or one-sided and affects a person’s confidence. This delicate lifting corrected the ptosis and the patient was able to gain his confidence again.

Tear trough fillers in the wrong hands can go wrong. Here is the shiny effect of filler injected in the wrong area giving a Tyndall effect which is a blueish colour to the skin. It can be difficult to treat. The filler was dissolved gently to not affect the tear trough and the problem was solved.

This gentleman had an upper and lower eyelid Blepharoplasty due to excess skin. He had no significant eyebags to the lower lids and it was the excess skin causing the issue of concern. As a result a skin pinch was performed to the lower lids along with an upper eyelid Blepharoplasty. The lower lid scar was hidden under the lower eyelashes. This is the result 3 weeks following surgery. The skin pinch is a less favoured technique but gives good results in the right hands and when the right patient is selected.

Forehead lines or the ‘angry 11s’ are noticeable and give an aged appearance. Here is a person frowning before and after botulinum toxin or Botox injections showing how effective the treatment is.
lower eyelid bags
This lady has lower eyelid bags that were affecting her confidence. It is important when doing a transconjunctival lower eyelid Blepharoplasty that leaves no scar on the skin, not to leave the lateral fat pad. Here there fat pads were repositioned into the cheek to give a smooth contour and help Columbia’s the mid face. The patient is smiling post op and is very happy!

The difference an upper eyelid Blepharoplasty makes. Here is a two week post procedure photograph of an upper eyelid Blepharoplasty patient. The excess skin was blocking vision and made completely covered the skin crease. The result after two weeks still has some swelling which will settle but the improvement is significant and the vision is clear.

This patient had a previous bilateral lower eyelid Blepharoplasty and developed mild lower eyelid retraction to one eye. He came to clinic looking for a solution. As it was mild a canthoplasty was performed to lift the right lower lid, remove the scleral show and provide improved symmetry with the left eye.

This lovely patient had prominent lower eyelid bags and underwent a lower eyelid Blepharoplasty to address them. She also had an upper eyelid Blepharoplasty to improve the upper lids in a subtle way to not change her appearance. The lower eyelids were done with a transconjunctival approach so that there is no scar to the skin given her a great result.

This patient had excess upper eyelid skin that was affecting her confidence and giving her a tired appearance. She had an upper eyelid Blepharoplasty which has really improved her confidence. Her friends say she looks great but don’t know what has changed. The appearance is natural and has taken years off her.

Make Blepharoplasty is increasingly common. Removing the excess skin whilst preserving the male appearance in Blepharoplasty for men is important. Here the surgery was done for a patient before the wedding of a close family member. They were very happy with the results and commented on how much better they could see.


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