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Private Ophthalmologist Consultation Prices

With an open and transparent fee schedule, you can rest assured that you will not be surprised by any hidden extras when attending private London Eye Clinics. All prices are inclusive and provided. There are no unforeseen costs for payment. Pricing is transparent, comprehensive and upfront with no hidden extras. For more info Contact us

Health Insurance

Being registered with the majority of leading UK and international insurers (including AXA BP, Bupa, Cigna, Helix, vital and WPA) many patients will benefit from a fully comprehensive package agreed with their insurers for eligible cases. To ensure this please make sure you have your policy number and authorization code before booking your appointment, every insurance company and policy is different so please contact your insurance company to make sure you have your pre-authorization code before proceeding with your treatment.

Self Pay 
Initial consultation charge£ 350
Follow up consultation charge£ 250
Second opinion charge£ 350

In addition to the consultation fee, the following fees are paid for the most common operations performed and include follow-up fees after the procedure. These prices are set for cases of local anesthesia. For general anesthesia, a quote can be obtained from an anesthesiologist before surgery and will be in the range of 400 dollars-800 dollars depending on the complexity.

Cataract surgery with a premium monofocal lens£ 2400 (including lens cost)
Cataract surgery with a toric monofocal lens£ 2800 (including lens cost)
Cataract surgery with a multifocal lens£ 3500 (including lens cost)
Cataract surgery with a toric multifocal lens£ 4000 (including lens cost)
YAG Laser 
YAG capsulotomy to one eye£ 500
YAG capsulotomy to both eyes£ 750
Tear Ducts 
Dacryocystorhinostomy surgery with external scar (one eye)*from £3500
Dacryocystorhinostomy surgery with scar sparing endoscopic approach (one eye)*from £4500
Punctoplasty and syringing of nasolacrimal duct (one eye)£1000
Punctoplasty and syringing of nasolacrimal duct (both eyes)£1500

This operation may need to be performed under local anesthesia and will require sedation anesthesia or general anesthesia. Please add the anesthesia fee to the above price if this is the case.

International patients are welcomed on condition of providing a letter of guarantee from the embassy or a recognized sponsor. Please make sure the letter of guarantee is delivered before your appointment to make sure there are no delays in your treatment.

International Sponsored Patients

Initial consultation charge £350
Follow up consultation charge £250


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